Unemployment or Unemployablility?

Unemployment or Unemployablility?

Příspěvekod Williamhawk » 05 pro 2017 07:49


However the various aspects of the issue - "Unemployment or Unemployablility" have to be addressed by Government and Competent Authorities to reform the Educational System, we may together take some initiatives. In my opinion, Corporate and Industries have to join hands with respective Training Providers (by choosing right one) and Colleges to customize the Training requirements and work on the process of implementation. Infact, the Skills Training has to start from the School Education on wards as a part of curriculum. As this will take its own course of time, now it can be started at the College level from the first year on-wards. Funding for the Training's can be through Government, Corporate under CSR, Trusts, NGOs and Philanthropists by integrating them.


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